DJB Digital Marketing Services is an online business founded in Jefferson City, MO focusing primarily on business clients in central Missouri.  The purpose for this business is to provide effective digital marketing services to start-up businesses, businesses with a lack of a digital marketing presence, and business affected by situational circumstances such as COVID:19.  


DJB Digital Marketing Services was founded by Daniel Buechter in January 2021.  Daniel received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with a major in marketing and minor in management from the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, MO in December 2018.  Daniel had been employed in multiple positions such as a staffing manager, a cashier manager at a retail store, and a car salesman since his graduation, but his passion was for digital marketing. 


During his free time, Daniel would carry out marketing research on what is trending locally and look for unexplored markets.  Daniel saw that many of his contacts were starting businesses or had a small business of their own.  When the COVID:19 pandemic started in early 2020, several local small businesses had closed.  This gave Daniel the idea of using his passion of digital marketing to help local small businesses grow in a time when the Internet has grown to be an effective method of growing a business.