Social media continues to be a helpful tool for businesses to advertise even during pandemics!  With the social media package, DJB Digital Marketing Services can help maintain any current social media accounts or help set up and maintain new social media accounts!   Our specialties are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok, but we are willing to set up other social media accounts if requested!

Website Mockup


A website to a business is like showing the face to a name.  It helps a customer visualize your business!  With the website package, DJB Digital Marketing Services can help edit your current website or set up and maintain a new website for your business!  No matter what size, design, layout, or structure you would like for your website, we can help you!

Image by Solen Feyissa


The more business you get, the more emails and contacts you will have! Sometimes, it can be difficult to manage all of them.  With the Email Marketing Package, DJB Digital Marketing Services can help organize your email contacts into groups!  You can also send emails specifically to these groups without having to individual enter their emails in each time!  That is one less worry you have to deal with when running your business!  

Image by Solen Feyissa


We are always searching for something online, and, let's be honest, we don't like to scroll very far to find what we want.  With the Search Engine Marketing Package, DJB Digital Marketing Services will make sure you are one of the first links to click on when people are searching for something similar to your product or service on Google, the internet's most popular search engine!  That allows more people to view information about your business!

Graphic Designer Working


When we browse the internet, we are drawn to advertisements or logos that are visually appealing.  With the Graphic Design Package,  DJB Digital Marketing Services can create anything to help your business stand out online or in the consumer world!  We can create new or update current logos, advertisements, business documents, or anything you would like us to help with!  

Image by Jamie Street



When it comes to marketing purposes of a businesses, photos and videos can help tell a story or display a message.  With the Marketing Photography and Videography Package, DJB Digital Marketing Services will use technology to capture photography and videography for your business!  Let us know your idea for a photo or video, and we will capture it!